Overnight Packages

Tourism is changing, the way people want to travel is different, and the experiences need to be different. We know travellers want to meet people while having an experience to share it. We also learned that our guests are interested in learning and encounter the most authentic activities. We also recognize that travelling can be very expensive, especially if the people organizing your trip do not have the power to change your activities, or give you a number of more affordable options.

With all that in mind we offer you the overnight packages, similar to our private journeys, but with several and important differences. First of all the activities or excursions in the packages are shared activities. That means there is a high possibility to meet people from all around the world. Every single activity is not shared with the same people, so every day is a new adventure with new people, who think different and are used to other customs and traditions. Remember that having different cultural points of view makes the learning experience richer and better.
Another important difference is the price; since you are sharing the activity, you are also sharing the costs; therefore it is much more affordable.

We told you these packages are tailor-made for you, so there are different options for you to take within each package. If by any chance you want to experience something different from our examples, please contact us and we will make everything possible to satisfy your needs and desires. You can add more days, or change some activities. Please tell us your plan so we can send you a proposal with a potential schedule.