Campeche Mexico is the third western state of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its capital city Campeche as well, has a very rich history full of Mayan ruins, Spanish conquerors and even pirates!  It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 for its naval history and San Miguel fort.  The fortification of Campeche was built by the Spanish to protect the ports on the Caribbean Sea from French, Dutch and English pirate attacks.  These were from the original Pirates of the Caribbean!  At sunset you still can hae a walk through the rusty cannons that once defended the port. However Campeche is a modern city as well with advanced infrastructure.  It has a great balance of a modern Mexican City with a rich history.  Merida is only 2 hours from Campeche city so it is easy to do in a day trip, we can help you plan!

Things to see and do in Campeche Mexico


  • Baluarte de Santiago €“ Very old and beautiful botanical gardens.

  • Baluarte San Francisco €“ Go to the rooftop for a wonderful view of the city.

  • Puerta del Tierra €“ Location of the light and sound show that tells about pirates, battles and other historical events in Campeche.

  • Baluarte de la Soledad €“ Museum with archeological, ethnic and historical artifacts of the area.

  • Puerta del Mar €“ Translates to door of the sea and looks like something out of a movie! A wonderful large door carved from stone.

  • La Casa de las Artesanias Tukulna €“ Another state run shop where various handicrafts from the indigenous population of Campeche are sold.