Merida Cantinas Tour

Merida Cantinas Tour
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$ 39.00 USD
3 hours

The cantinas in Merida are very fun and traditional stablishments where Meridans go to have some drinks while have some "botanas" (snacks) and listen to popular music, but in a very friendly enviorment, where everybody is friends with everybody!


Merida Cantinas Tour is available only from Wednesday to Saturday.


The concept of the Cantinas is very well known around the world. There are other names for “cantinas”, such as tavern, pubs, canteens, saloons, etcetera. But all of them desing locations that serve food when you are consuming alcohol in several forms, like beer, wine or stronger liquors.


These cantinas could be the equivalent to the old western saloons! Some of the oldest cantinas in Merida even have the swinging saloon-doors! Since cantinas are social gathering places for locals, this tour is a great opportunity for you to get to know Merida and its people.


Cantinas in Merida are fun and traditional. Locals go there to have some drinks while eating some "botanas" (snacks), listening to Mexican music in a very friendly environment. The botanas are regional snacks that are cooked in the cantina. Each cantina has its own distinctive snack and flavors that make it special and well known in the city.


How does the tour work?


Walking to the cantinas.

In this Merida Cantinas tour we will visit three completely different cantinas. Each cantina is close from each other so we get there by foot and admire downtown Merida's attractions. On the way our guide will explain how cantinas operate and different stories and anecdotes of them.


Cantina - Yucatan - Mexico



Enjoy a beer and some botanas.

In each cantina we will have one beer and some snacks, while we share stories and have a blast. There are different stories and anecdotes for each one, since the very owners attend most of the cantinas we even may have a brief interview with them if they are around!



Some of the snacks we may try are panuchos, salbutes, tacos, papadzules, among other stews and typical dishes. Since we don’t want to be the party pooper in the last cantina you have the option to leave with the guide and head back to Downtown, or you can stay and keep the party going.


If you want to take a different kind of tour and experience by yourself a different aspect of our culture this is the tour for you! Cantinas are mostly overlooked by tourist and they hold lots of years of history.


This is the ultimate authentic local experience. Become a Meridian and enjoy life the way we do!

The cantinas in Merida are very fun and traditional stablishments where Meridans go to have some drinks while having some "botanas" (snacks) and listening to popular music, in a relaxed enviorment where everybody is friends with everybody!

Tour Highlights

- Tradiotional cantinas
- Taste the yucatecan botanas
- History of cantinas



Pickup Time: 1:30 pm
Pickup Location: Santa Ana Park
Dropoff Time: 4:30 pm
Dropoff Location: Santa Ana Park


  • - Beverages as indicated
  • - Comprehensive walking tours
  • - English speaking guide


Snacks only

What to bring

- Confortable clothes
- Tennis shoes or confortable shoe wear
- Hat