Progreso Shore Excursions

Progreso Shore Excursions
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$ 87.00 USD
6 - 7 hours

Take a break from the shore, we'll take you to the best cenotes of Yucatan, the most impressive in Yucatan's nature for chill or adventure visit, or maybe into a cooking class if you are in the mood to knowing more about our food, or maybe visiting archaeological sites as Chichen Itza or Uxmal. We'll pick you up in Progreso and take you back to your cruise ship after the tour ends. the indicated price is for the Progreso Shore Excursions : Cenotes



If you are travelling on a cruise to Progreso, and wondering what to do in Yucatan, this Progreso Shore Excursions may be the answer. We can visit two cenotes with a unique feature each or maybe you are in the mood for a Cooking Class in Merida city to knowing more about our food, or maybe visiting archaeological sites as Chichen Itza or Uxmal. We'll pick you up in Progreso and take you back to your cruise ship after the tour ends. 


How does this tour work?

AutoProgreso Station

Jus as with the rest of our shore excursions the pickup is at AutoProgreso Bus Station. It is a yellow building with several exits. When you take the free shuttle you may or may not end up here; there are two more drop-off locations besides this one. The first one is the handcrafts market, it is a quaint building with no roof, where you will find a lot of people willing to help you; the second one is near a very famous beach front restaurant called “Le Saint Bonnet”. Since we can't know where the shuttle will take you we encourage you to do two things; first give us your cellphone number so we can call you and locate you faster; second, walk to the AutoProgresso Bus Station. This might take a little longer, but there will be a guide with a sign with your name on it, please look for it at the station.


Patience, the destination is a few minutes away.

Some of the destinations are a bit far from Progreso, therefore we ask for your patience, each tour is worth the waiting. We will do our best to keep you entertained and interested by answering any question you may have about Yucatan or Mexico. Please consider that some places are about 1:30 to 2:00 hrs away from the beach.



Progreso Shore Excursion: Cenotes San Antonio Mulix $87 usd p/p 

A great opportunity to coexist with the Yucatecan flora and fauna.

X-batún, the first cenote is located towards a former cacao plantation, in the former Hacienda San Antonio Mulix. The actual road to get there is a dirt road surrounded by wildlife. This is all part of the relaxing scenary of the Xbatun cenote.

The hot weather in the Yucatan makes the cenotes an oasis for the locals and tourists. Just a few minutes away, you'll find Dzombakal cenote, one of the most beautiful. Request more info


Progreso Shore Excursion: Cenotes Adventure Yokdzonot $87 usd p/p 

Yokdzonot is also a small town surrounding the cenote. There is a Mayan Community leading all the activities that include zip lining, rappeling and snorkeling, amongst others. This is an authentic Mayan Community, so all the profits are used for maintaining these families, and keeping all the facilities in perfect conditions. They are also supported by the National Commission of the Indigenous Towns as part of the Alternative Tourism Program in Indigenous Areas.

This is a very special cenote since it's not overly turistic, it's very well kept. There are several activities for adventurers, as zip lining over the cenote or rappeling straight down to it. After a very hot day filled with activities the cenote will feel like an oasis. Your Adventures Mexico guide will stay with you all day providing any information required. Request more info


Progreso Shore Excursion: Chichen Itza $87 usd p/p 

Our guide will explain in depth about the beautiful architecture and the knowledge of the cosmos that the Mayan people had. You will wander around the Thousand Columns, which is considered to be a former market and reflects life during the Mayan splendor. You will also learn about "Sac be" or white path that takes you to the Sacred Cenote where it is believed that the mayans offered sacrifices to Chaac, the god of water.

The perfectly built Kukulcan pyramid or "El Castillo" is a Mayan calendar itself, and you will be surprised by the amount of knowledge hidden in every stone. Other magnificent structures include the largest ball court of the Mayan world and The Observatory. Discover why the pyramids of Chichen Itza are the most famous in Mexico and recently named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Request more info


Progreso Shore Excursion: Uxmal tour from Progreso $87 usd p/p 

The archeological site of Uxmal is the most representative archeological site along the Route Pucc. Uxmal means “three times built”. This splendid site shows how elaborated and decorated is the Puuc Style compared to the rest of the Mayan sites. The main facades have elaborate geometrical stone mosaics with detailed sculpted masks that represent the water god Chaac. Here in Uxmal you will gaze upon this fantastic style and learn a lot about the living and building techniques of the Mayas.

Uxmal is one of the most popular ancient mayan cities. The guide will explain in depth the Puuc architect style of buildings such as the Nun's Quadrangle, the Ball court, the Turtle House and the Governor Palace. The Puuc style owes its name after the “hills” located in the region, Puuc would translate as “hills” but there are no hills here, only not rediscovered pyramids. The Governor Palace is the most famous structure in Uxmal because it is the best example of the Puuc Style. It has been renowned as the most beautiful building in Mesoamerica. Request more info


Progreso Shore Excursion: Cooking Class $99 usd p/p 

After a 45 minutes drive to downtown Merida, we will start our Cooking Class and market tour walking through the city downtown to one of the main local markets of Merida. This quaint market is not very frequented by tourists. Our Adventures Mexico’s guide will explain us in detail about some of the fruits and vegetables only produced in the Yucatan region. We will learn about the achiote, pepita de calabaza and chile habanero. We will also do our shopping through our way in the market for the meal we will prepare today. After having bought all that we need, we will head to our local host’s home for the cooking class.

The Yucatecan cuisine includes one of the most varied arrays of delicious dishes among the 32 states of Mexico. Some of them are very unique to the Yucatan region and difficult to find outside of the peninsula, while others are eaten throughout Mexico.The influence of ancient Mayas, who left a huge legacy that can be felt in many aspects of daily life in Yucatan, is especially noted in the cuisine.

While we cook, chop, fry, prepare our food in our Merida cooking lesson, our host and guide will explain us some of the traditions the local people have, the influence of other cultures in Yucatan and the differences between the yucatecos and the people from other parts of Mexico. We will also learn some Spanish and Mayan words while we taste the delicious plates prepared by ourselves. Request more info


Head back to Progreso

After your tour ends we will make sure you arrive on time to your departure point.

Visit San Antonio Mulix! Cenotes are sinkholes the Mayans used for rituals and as a source of clean and drinking water.

Tour Highlights

- Yucatecan nature and wildlife
- Bilingual guide through the whole tour



Pickup Time: According to your arrival time
Pickup Location: Cruise's shuttle bus drop off location
Dropoff Time: According with your cruise departure
Dropoff Location: Cruise departure point


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Not Included

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What to bring

- Personal spending money
- Swimsuit
- Comfortable clothing
- Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes
- Hat
- Sunglasses
- Biodegradable Sunscreen